Prospective Employees

You may apply to teach at the Missionary Training Center with the Online Teacher Application. You can apply to teach from any computer with an internet connection. In order to maneuver most easily through the application, you may read or print out the Teacher Application Usersí Guide.Links to this page will also be available as you fill in the information on the application.For questions about your application or evaluation session, including technical difficulties, please refer to the Pepare for Your Rating Session page.


Teacher Application Usersí Guide


1.      Click on the Teacher Application Link.

A.     If you experience technical problems with your computer or the webpage, please contact the MTC Information Systems Helpdesk at 422-6980.


2.      Enter with a Net ID.

A.                 If you are not a BYU student or donít have a Net ID, you can click on the link on the Teacher Assistant login page to create one.You must have one in order to apply.

B.                 To obtain a Net ID, you only need to fill out the first two forms (personal information and creating a Net ID and password).If you plan to apply to be a student at BYU, you will need to fill out the remainder of the forms.

C.                 If you have problems with or questions about creating a Net ID, please contact BYUís OIT Helpdesk at 422-4000.


3.      Complete the three parts of the application.You may return at any time to revise the application.Simply re-enter with your Net ID, and then click on one of the link boxes above to go to the section you wish to revise.

A.     For problems or questions about the application page, please refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Part 1.Personal Information and Mission Information

This information will be retrieved from BYU and the MTC and is based on the information connected to your Net ID.If you need to change any of the information entered, you may do so through Route Y (your BYU account).Clicking the edit button will automatically link you to the Route Y homepage, where you can log in and make changes to your personal information.(For help with changing your personal information contact BYUís OIT Helpdesk at 422-4000.) Click next to continue completing the application, or choose one of the boxes at the top of the form to move to a specific section of the application.


Part 2.Teaching Areas

Availability Date:Here you may specify a date by which you will be available to work.Clicking on the white text box will bring up a calendar where you can choose a date.The forward arrow at the top left side of the calendar will bring up the next month (i.e. October to November); the forward arrow on the top right side will bring up the next year (i.e. October 2002 to October 2003).You are only allowed to select an availability within the next 90 days, so all other dates will be blocked and you will not be able to choose them. Clicking a valid date on the calendar will choose that as your availability date.To change this, simply click on the text box or calendar again to choose another date.This availability date will be seen to those who review your application and will help in determining future employment possibilities as positions become available.


Teaching Area:Please select all of the areas you feel comfortable teaching in.If you later wish to remove that area from your application, you may do so by simply clicking on the button remove next to that specialty. You will need to have a language evaluation in all areas requiring foreign language ability (i.e. Spanish, German, ASL, etc.).The language evaluations will be performed on a computer at the MTC following your evaluation session.


Click the Save and Continue button at the bottom of this page to save the information and move to the next part of the application.


Part 3.Evaluation Session

Everyone must complete an evaluation session in order to be eligible for employment as a teacher.To schedule an evaluation session, click on the schedule evaluation session button and choose an available appointment.Appointment times are posted each Monday morning a week in advance.Times that have the word full written next to them are full and may not be scheduled, but times with an empty space next to them are available, and you may schedule an evaluation session by clicking on the underlined appointment time.This will automatically fill that appointment slot with your application.


You may reschedule or cancel your evaluation session anytime up until 24 hours before the scheduled session. To reschedule your evaluation session time, simply click on another available time slot and your name will be removed from the original time and inserted it into the new slot.To simply remove your evaluation session (without changing it to a different time), click on the Cancel evaluation session link.You will be responsible to schedule a new evaluation session time.


Please carefully read the Evaluation Session Instructions in order for you to adequately prepare.You may print the instructions by clicking on the printable version box, and then choosing the print this page link.


Click the finish button to go back to the first page of the application, where you can see the status of your application, and submit any questions you have about the application process and/or the evaluation session.